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Born in the Czech Republic in 1982, and currently living in Santiago - Chile. Martin began lessons in the Czech Republic with a guitar teacher while also under the supervision of his brother-in-law, a violinist. Martin began playing the classical guitar at a very young age, and throughout his musical journey, he studied different musical genres and techniques.

Trying different styles of the guitar was quite a natural way of personal development for Martin, however, it quickly became clear that classical guitar was what he loved most.

Throughout years of dedication and practice, Martin developed a huge interest in Renaissance, Baroque, and especially Romantic music. Although, he also enjoys playing contemporary composers such as Heitor Villa - Lobos, Joaquin Rodrigo, Carlo Domeniconi, etc.


After moving to Ireland, Martin continued to have lessons with classical guitarist and teacher Michael Bradley and after several years, he started to have lessons with Jerry Creedon as a student of the Cork School of Music. During that period, Martin continued to develop his interest in Baroque music and many different styles and composers.


As part of his studies in the Cork School of Music, Martin also studied a variety of subjects; mainly focusing on pedagogy and guitar performance under the supervision of Jerry Creedon and many others. He also found an interest in music technology & engineering and is very interested in re-editing sheet music with an aim to improve the quality of editions of given pieces in the guitar repertoire.


In 2015, Martin graduated from Cork School of Music in Ireland with a Bachelor of Music Honours degree and was awarded a First Class Honours in his final classical guitar performance.

During his years of study, Martin performed and participated in master-classes with many world-famous guitarists such as Nicholas Goluses, Craig Ogden, William Carter and John Williams.


He plans to continue his studies at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile Faculty of Arts and Philosophy in Santiago to obtain a master's degree in classical guitar performance and consequently follow the studies in the Doctor of Arts. In the meantime, he intends to play and share his music with all who want to be embraced by the beautiful sound of the classical guitar itself.


Martin has been working on recording samples for this website with sound engineer R. J. Mani, with whom he cooperated to create a list of pieces composed by a variety of world-famous composers.

These works allowed Martin to express himself and show the manifestation of his continued life journey.

The final mastering was done in R. J. Mani studios, which has created a lovely, well-balanced sound to support the whole entire work.


Martin plays on a Manuel Rodrigo e Hijos classical guitar "model Rio" from Madrid, which has an improved soundboard and a lattice cedar top construction made by talented Irish guitar & luthier maker Harry McCormick.


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" 

Leonardo Da Vinci

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